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Recorded in Memphis and featuring local legends Charles Hodges, Kirk Smothers & Lannie McMillan, Rob Picazo's upcoming LP is out on the 10th of November.

Soothe My Soul - Vinyl Album

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Track Order:

    1. Black Cat

    2. Can't Cool The Fire

    3. Soothe My Soul

    4. Wall To Wall

    5. I'm To Blame

    6. The Fool

    7. Light A New Flame

    8. I Want The Money

    9. Only You Have My Heart

    10. Talk To Me

    11. (Down Here) In New Orleans


    Album Credits:

    Roberto Picazo: Lead Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitars

    Noah Nelson: Bass & Upright Bass

    Alex Hillman: Electric Guitar

    Charles Hodges: Hammond B3 Organ & Wurlitzer

    Erik Stams, Ross Gordon & James Chapman: Drums & Percussion

    Stewart Cole: Trumpet

    Kirk Smothers: Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Sax

    Victor Sawyer: Trombone

    Lannie McMillan: Clarinet

    Harry Whitty: Piano, Additional Keys

    Nick Gilmore: Additional Keys

    Carla Barnes, Shontelle Norman-Beatty, Chris Barnes & Will Graves: Backing Vocals


    All tracks written by Roberto Picazo, except :
    1 - written by Roberto Picazo & Bob King
    3 & 10 - written by Roberto Picazo & Noah Nelson.

    All tracks produced & engineered by Noah Nelson.

    All tracks mixed by Noah Nelson, except 1 & 3, mixed by Brian Bender.

    Horn Arrangements by Stewart Cole.

    Backing Vocal Arrangements by Carla Barnes, Chris Barnes & Will Graves

    Recorded at Unit 99 in London, UK & Court Square Recordings in Memphis, TN.

    2023, Court Square Recordings.

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